Best Basketball League in San Antonio

What is the best program to put my child in?  What is the best basketball league in San Antonio to join?  Who is the best basketball trainer in San Antonio?  What  is a good team in San Antonio to put my child on?  I get asked these question over and over again.  However, they are very important questions.  If my kid were playing basketball, I would probably ask them as well.

These questions all have simple answers.  First, you have to be honest with yourself about your child’s basketball skills.  Are they advanced, intermediate or developmental in there skill set? by answering this question, honestly, you will find the right team or basketball league for your child.  Most youth basketball players that or developmental to intermediate in their skill set, tend to do better in a basketball league.   The Advance players tend to do better with a club or AAU basketball team.

What type of basketball training style are they more responsive to?  A basketball trainer that yells alot?  basketball trainer that is more encouraging?   The best basketball trainer is the one that your child response to the best.  The trainer that you and your child feels comfortable with.  That trainer that cares more about you as a person than what your child can do and how much you can pay them.

You will gain clarity and confidence when you are honest with yourself and answered these questions.  Your heart will never steer you wrong.  Especially when it comes to your kid!