Ultimate Champions Nike Camps

Ultimate Champions Nike Camp Youth Training

Ultimate Champions Nike Camp Youth Training

It’s camp time San Antonio! I will be conducting Nike Basketball Camps on August 5-9 and August 12-15, 2013. Spots are at a premium.  We are taking only 40 campers.  Thats right 40!  Most camps are trying to pack in as many players as the can. This is not my philosophy.   My job, as Lead trainer of Ultimate Champions Basketball Training Academy and Nike Sports Camp is to make every student that want to learn the game of basketball a better player.  So, I am not driven by numbers or crowds.  I am driven by making the biggest impact.

We will train each player in the areas of  ball handling, shooting, shooting footwork, defense, passing, team play and much more! Our camps are filled with energy, excitement, positivity and encouragement.  The tangible and intangibles that these camps embody are recipes for making any camper a better player!

Be ready to leave everyday as a better person and basketball player.  We will make you an Ultimate Champion!!