San Antonio Basketball Training and Life Lessons

San Antonio Basketball Lessons – On the Court and Off

San Antonio Basketball Training LessonsThe game of basketball is a lot like real life, and you can tell a lot about the person by the way they play.  It does not matter if they are good or not, things such as how you handle adversity, do you play well with others, are you willing to share the basketball and are you willing to sacrifice individual wants for the needs of the team. Things such as this are very telling of a person’s character and applicable to real life situations. Lessons that can be learned through the game are how you handle success and failure, do you give up when things aren’t going your way or does that make you try even harder?

These virtues transcend through the game and into the real world, do you back down from good competition or are you willing to take challenges and risks? I believe that the game of basketball actually exposes what kind of person you are and allows you to see it for yourself because you are stripped bare of everything except your willingness to win and compete.

One of the biggest lessons I had to learn personally was that I am not the best, it was a tough one to swallow, however when I could accept that, it allowed me to grow as a player because I was no longer in denial about how good I am and I could maximize my strengths and minimize situations where I wasn’t as strong. Basketball showed me who I was as well as who I could be if I worked hard for it and that is something that has forever helped me off of the court as well as on.