How To Work Out by Yourself

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San Antonio Basketball Trainer

Of course, there are always a plethora of drills you can do to improve your shooting, ballhandling, passing and etc. However the easiest way to
get a solid workout in while you play basketball by yourself is to just keep running. After you shoot, go run and get the basketball, don’t walk and get it, that wastes time and lowers your heart rate. Keep your heart rate up by keep running to get the basketball and dribble out to the 3 point line or where ever and make a little dribble move as you would in a game if you were trying to get by a defender and get to the rim and finish, pull up for a jump or a step back. Just play with yourself and keep your imagination going. If you are by yourself, I’ll admit it’s hard to stay motivated after awhile if you are just doing drills with no imagination. The benefits from this is it will keep you in shape if you keep up the running, it will prevent you from burning out, keep moves fresh in your mind so you’re ready when the time comes in the game, as well as help you learn and imagine new moves for you to try.