Top 5 Tips To Raise Your Shooting Percentage

Raise Your Shooting Percentage and Your Scoring AverageSan Antonio Youth Basketball Shooting tips

If you want to raise your shooting percentage, the best way is to shoot smarter shots. So be patient with your shot selection and wait till the right one comes. With that in mind, here are five more tips from San Antonio Basketball Trainer Terrence Jones for getting easy/smarter shots.

Tip #1: Run in transition. The easiest shot in the game is a lay-up, if you are faster in transition and beat the other team down the floor before they can get back and set up a defense. Your chances of getting a shot close to the basket have improved which will improve the likelihood of that shot going in.

Tip #2: Crash the glass for offensive rebounds. If you crash at the right time and are persistent enough, you can sometimes pick up rebounds that the defense can’t get to leaving you with an easy put-back. It may only happen once or twice a game (depending on your size an athletic ability, but one made basket is enough to raise your shooting percentage.

Tip #3: Set screens and picks. This can be a really easy way to raise your shooting percentage if you play with a really great player or a great passer, because if you set an off-the-ball screen for a great player his man and your man will both be focused on him, leaving you with a chance to either pop open for an easy jumper or roll to the basket for the lay-in. If you set an on-the-ball screen for a great passer then usually that person is good at attracting attention of both defenders and finding a good angle to hit you with a pass for an open scoring opportunity.

Tip #4: Dribble less, pass more. The more you dribble, the more team defenses will get focused in on you because the less they have to worry about the people they are guarding and the harder a scoring opportunity will be. So ball movement is key, and if your team can get into a rhythm of good ball movement, this will keep the defense shifting and eventually causing it to breakdown leaving either you or your teammates with an open shot.

Tip #5: Keep moving on offense! Great team offenses are not stagnant, they keep bodies moving as well as the ball moving, and this will keep defenses shifting. The same notion should be applied to individual offense, if you want the ball, keep moving and wait until you get a good opportunity to score.