What Mindset Does It Take To Play College Basketball?

Question:  What is it going to take for me/my child to play college basketball?  Specifically, what is the required mindset?

Coach Terrence Jones of Ultimate Champions – Home of San Antonio Youth Basketball:

Question yourself… how passionate are you?  Does basketball consume your life?  What are you naturally good at?  What is your calling in basketball?  Find out what you do well and bring that asset to your team.  Read into yourself.  Does jumping rope mean more than the WII.  What is the best way for me to move toward my goal?

Is it work or is it passion?

Passion levels vary.  Physical gifts can offset a non maniacal sense of passion.  Passion and hard work are related if you want to achieve your best.  To be the best you can be – work your passion and be passionate about your work.