Teaching Toughness To San Antonio Youth Basketball Players

Aggression and San Antonio Youth BasketballDad says: “I wish he would play tougher basketball, he seems so timid.”

Mom says: “She isn’t like some of the other girl basketball players, she shies away from contact.”

Coach says: “Get the rebound, Go up strong!, Be physical!”

Youth Basketball Player Says:  “Why does everyone tell me I am not tough enough?  I thought I was supposed to be nice…  Why is the other team so rough and the ref not calling the fouls?  I just don’t know what to do.

The above scenario is typical for 90 percent of San Antonio Youth Basketball Players.  Ultimate Champions and Coach Terrence Jones feels that we have oversimplified this dilemma.  Physical Toughness on a basketball can be a skill that we are born with.   We all know the child who will chase a ball and not care about the two bulldozers also coming down the street.

For the rest of our children toughness and physical basketball play are learned.  They are fundamental basketball techniques that should be taught by a pro.  They are learned, reinforced, repeated, and practiced until they are intuitive.  With a taste of success, the most meek individuals can become lions on the court.


Take a peek at the video of Bobby Knight trying to teach rebounding toughness: