Training And Preparing for The Basketball Season

Keys To A Successful Basketball Season

  1. Medical Exams – In order to train at full capacity, we recommend a medical exam prior to the pre-season basketball training.
  2. Avoid Illness – Basketball Gyms are notorious germ factories.  Wash hands often, increase fruit and vegetable intake, consider a multivitamin, and stay away from sick people if possible.  Strenuous exercise will strengthen immune system over time but could lower your guard initially.
  3. Sleep – Get plenty of it.  Consider taking a nap if possible.  Your sleep schedule needs to increase during intense training.
  4. Feet – Buy socks that are blister proof.  I like Champion brand socks but there are many options.  Wear your shoes for walks and around the house before bringing the newest Air Jordans from Eastbay down to the gym.  Don’t break in sneakers while running suicides.
  5. Floor burns, cuts, and scrapes – Clean immediately and disinfect with something like neosporin.  There has been a rash of staph infections finding their way into basketball gyms across America.  Fingernails should be kept short and clean.  Any neoprene knee sleeves placed over a floor burn must be throughly washed before wearing again.
  6. Ice – This is a miracle drug.  Invest in a quality icepack with velcro that will not leak or be a bother.  The less bother, the more likely you will be to use it.    Modalities are a smart player’s aid to recovery which permits them to train at full intensity at their next workout.  Should you experience swelling that is not subsiding after 48 hours, it may be a good idea to see your doctor before resuming intense training.  I use Ibuprofen but this is a medical decision for you and your family doctor to make.
  7. Weight – I recommend weighing yourself everyday.  Intense training can produce strong swings in weight numbers.  Monitor them and adjust diet according to goals.  Weight loss of 5 lbs in one day indicates water loss.  This weight needs to be replaced.  Be smart.
  8. Monitor Your Physical and Mental State- Staleness and being worn down are common signs of training going awry.  Poor attitude may be a symptom, not a cause.  I recommend more sleep, a day off, elevation of the legs above the heart while laying on the couch or bed.  I like a ride on the exercise bike to remove lactic acid and to refresh the legs.  Jacuzzi’s for ten minutes can help some, while longer periods seem to hurt.  Swimming a few casual laps in a pool can elongate and stretch out fatigued muscles.  Yoga is the Truth.  Do it on your day off and feel the rewards the next day.

Stay tuned for our next installment regarding periodization principles for a successful pre-season basketball regimen to insure that your San Antonio Youth Basketball Season is all it can be.  We will cover basketball weight training, speed and agility for basketball, and some effective stretches.