Kevin Durant Basketball Role Model on 9/11

Just when we all gave up on the idea of finding suitable role models on the hardwood, Kevin Durant posted a message on his Twitter page Saturday that read: “May God bless those who were effected by the events on Sept 11, 2001….9-11-01 on my shoes guys will watch over us.”

“I just wanted to remember everybody back in the States, everybody that was affected by 9/11,” Durant said. “And to play on this day was a great honor and we just tried to do our best to play hard for our country and our families.”

Kevin Durant led a strong Team USA victory over Lithuania in the FIBA World Championships.

Looking for a role model for your kids?  He is just a human.  But he bears watching.  He has a unique story, lacks a posse, and is a man of few, but choice words, and actions that back them up.  I can’t help but feeling a star has been born.