Ganon Baker Basketball Certifies San Antonio Youth Basketball Coach TJ As A GM

Ganon Baker Certfies San Antonio Youth Basketball's Terrence JonesGanon Baker Basketball Certifies Coach Terrence Jones

The Ganon Baker Basketball Group just announced that Terrence “TJ” Jones has passed his training and examination to become one of the elite basketball trainers in the world as a “GM” of Ganon Baker Basketball.  TJ will be working closely with Ganon and his team to share his passion and demonstrated expertise in all training areas of the game.  Ganon Baker Basketball has recommended TJ to the basketball players of America and TJ will continue to  be mentored by Ganon in order to strive for continued excellence and improvement  in his coaching, the San Antonio Youth Basketball players  he trains under Ultimate Champions, and his community overall.

Do you have questions for TJ about Ganon and this process?  Leave a comment below and we look forward to hearing from you.