Basketball Shooting – Technique and Form by Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman is one of the finest teachers of the game.  Like Kevin, San Antonio Youth Basketball preaches getting low on the catch and having your feet in shooting position on the catch.  Furthermore, we feel it is critical to present ten fingers to the passer to give him/her a solid target and to have your hands prepared on the catch.  Clean catch in your triple threat position, feet ready to shoot on the catch and low position.  Think like a cougar ready to pounce.  Think like a jack in the box ready to power into your jumpshot. The game is won low to high.  You may need to bring a chair over to really teach proper positioning and exaggerate the movement to get in locked into the muscle memory of the player.  Thanks Kevin Eastman for a great breakdown! Advance your basketball game. Watch, Listen, and Learn. Then practice.

P.S.  Kevin did not reveal in this clip another advantage of being low on the catch (although I bet he does in the dvd long version.)  Hand down equals man down…shoot the ball on the catch.   Should your man close out inside of arms length, you are in position to separate/push dribble to the hole in an explosive move.  It should be a simple intuitive read that can be drilled on.

San Antonio Youth Basketball – Stay Low On The Catch!