Alan Stein / Stronger Team Pre Season Basketball Conditioning Download Review

Guest Post by Chris Corbett, Director of Austin Youth Basketball

We downloaded  and received instant access to Stronger Team 12 Week Agility and Conditioning Program for Basketball Players. Cost was 40 bucks.  I spoke with author Alan Stein and he assured me someone without a kineseology background would be able to handle the pdf of his product.  Frankly, I was concerned that video would better be able to demonstrate proper form.

I read thru it once at a cursory glance and again in better depth.  The quality of the outline did not disappoint.  Alan Stein is most famous for training Kevin Durant and his work at Christian Montrose High School.  He tours nationally and has authored several dvds, books and publications.

Here is my take:  Buy it.  Do it.  Cry. Get Results.

This type of training is not for the faint of heart.  This type of training is for San Antonio Youth basketball players ready to elevate their basketball games and also ready to pay the price to get there.  I recommend doing it under the supervision of a trained player development coach like Terrence Jones in order to have a second set of eyes.  I also recommend pairing up with a teammate to get thru the workouts.  It will make the basketball training session go far more quickly and accountability will skyrocket.  Results will too.  I can honestly say that anyone that completes this program will have a very serious conditioning advantage over their basketball teammates.  I also ended up liking that it was a pdf format so I could easily bring it to the gym to review and keep us on agenda.

This workout plan will push you to exhaustion and to success.  I highly recommend it.  Here is the link*:

*San Antonio Youth Basketball recommends products that it has a level of expertise to review.  Some products are affiliate links, while others are not.  (This happens to be a non affiliate link)